You may consider hiring a cheap writer or simply buying the Boss mode of Jasper for $60 a month to churn our 50,000 words! Well, if that worked, there would have been zero need of website copywriters. OR

You could hire a brilliant copywriter to write web copy, blogs, and product descriptions that convince YOUR customers to open up their wallets, punch in the credit card numbers, and hit the BUY button on your website. Doesn’t THAT sound great?

But the human touch of understanding your brand and value proposition is imperative to your success.

You know your brand MORE than I do. Right? You genuinely want to show up to the RIGHT target market at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT copy. It doesn’t matter if you are a service provider, manufacturer, Amazon seller, or even a coach, you need a website copywriter that aligns himself with YOUR business goals.

Website copywriting helps you hit the RIGHT target audience with super-focused brand messaging to communicate your offer, effectively and persuasively.

Unless you have a website with AMAZING copy, your clients would continue ghosting you.