What is AI?

If you’ve been living under the rock, by now you should know all the craze and buzz surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence), specifically ChatGPT. AI is the power of using super fast and intelligent computers and machines that are fed vast amounts of data, to generate texts, images, and solve problems, faster than the speed of a human.

In short, what took days, just takes a few hours, thanks to AI in 2023.

What is AI Writing?

AI (Artificial Intelligence), over the last few years, has grown exponentially and people, especially writers, are threatened that it will make them completely obsolete in the near future.

Using tools to generate content of all sorts such as essays, letters, marketing copy, articles, blog posts, and even code, is called AI writing. While AI taking over copywriters was already debated online for years, it wasn’t until the 30th November, when OpenAI dropped a bombshell! And that was none other than ChatGPT, a free-to-use chat bot that can generate almost any kind of text within seconds, compared to what it usually takes hours.

And that has us thinking.

Will AI replace copywriters?

In a nutshell, NO! However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Many professional writers consider AI generated content as a serious threat to their profession.

While the future may be closer than we expect, let us dig deep and understand with logical reasons as to WHY AI, despite significantly improving its speed, accuracy, and quality, can still not overcome writers.

Top reasons why AI will not replace writers

AI tools like Jasper and ChatGPT have indeed exploded in popularity, but why AI cannot take over writers, let’s understand the reasons:

1. AI doesn’t think

It’s true that AI might replace some writers that simply relied on writing factual content with no insights, you won’t find creative writers easily beeing weeded out by AI anytime soon. That’s become AI, while writing at the speed of thought, does not have a human mind required to think creatively.

You see, words cannot be generated just like this. It takes a LOT of time and effort to come up with the right ideas and write words that resonate with the brand’s voice, tone, and style. But if you are NOT using AI tools to get assistance in writing, you may get replaced sooner than you think.

The value of written content is far more than just generating easy-to-read text using AI. Your writing needs to be convincing and powerful enough to convey ideas by weaving the right words, triggering emotions. AI, just can’t do that.

2. Companies Providing AI Tools are Over Promising and Under Delivering

Agreed, you can get a subscription for $60 to generate thousands of words from Jasper, a renowned AI writing tools, launched back in late 2020. And you can generate just as much using ChatGPT for free.

You are being confused and scared because AI Tool developers want you to believe that their tools will generate just as good content as any human writer would.

That’s an overpromise!

If that’d be the case, why are freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork still flooded with writing jobs? Why is it that journalists, who need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments, are still hired to cover global news? Why not just use ChatGPT and Jasper? Or in fact, any other AI writing tool?

The answer is that behind all the AI generated content and online visibility, you need a pair of real human eyes to go through, edit, improve, and rewrite the content generated through AI writing tools.

AI is still no match for a human being. These are machines, trained on vast amounts of data with an amazing ability to predict the next word, NOT think. There’s a difference here.

3. AI Cannot replace Ideas

Writers need ideas to write praiseworthy content. AI cannot do come up with great ideas. After all, it is the human-machine interaction that would guide the AI tool to write content based on the exact specification. A few prompts are never going to be enough to write exactly the type of content that one needs.

Let’s get back to the 1960s. That’s when calculators were invented. At that time, it was all the hype. Even after 6 decades of massive improvements, did calculators replace mathematicians? Or did it aid them in getting the work done faster and more efficiently?

Did ATM machines make cashiers obsolete? Did advance robots cooking food, made chefs obsolete? 

4. More Spam Will Be Generated

Less is more, but with AI, when everyone has the ability to generate texts, it means that every Tom, Dick and Harry will write content at a much faster output than before. This will eventually bring AI to a breaking point where it will continue repeating the same ideas till it gets spammy.

AI works on large data sets, that have to be continuously updated. But if almost every person and their mom start using it, creativity will soon go down the drain.


AI writing will evolve with the passage of time, and those writers that learn to adapt and get assistance from AI tools to write content, will replace those who don’t. This means, it is time you start getting used to AI, but not relying on it. No amount of tool is good enough to replace human beings. Eventually, it is the humans who wrote the code for AI tools in the first place. No AI can even write code if coders didn’t do their job.

In a nutshell, the carpenter takes 90% of his time sharpening the axe, and just 10% cutting the wood. The same way, writer will use more of their time to think, and less time to write. And guess who does the thinking?

You got the answer!

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